Qatar, dictatorship and football

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This video is called Migrant workers mistreated in Qatar.

From the blog of Peter Storm in the Netherlands [I added hyperlinks etc. like I usually do at this blog]:

World Cup Qatar: festivities built on slavery

16 November 2012

My latest piece I wrote for Freedom magazine, published in the October issue. On migrant workers’ conditions in Qatar, where the World Cup of 2022 is supposed to be held. Basically the original version, but with a few small corrections.

One of the Arab countries apparently almost untouched by the Arab Spring is Qatar. The tide of protest and revolt more or less passed this Emirate by. The main news channel spreading attention to these events, Aljazeera, is Qatari-based and regime-owned, which does not help to raise attention to what happens there. But even without willful media neglect, not much news would come out of there – because nothing…

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